Sewing with Marcy: Dive In Now.

Easy Steps. Stylish Swimsuits.

Hey there! I'm Marcy, the founder of Mango & Coast Patterns, and I'm absolutely smitten with all things swimwear and summer vibes. With a deep-rooted love for tropical aesthetics and a passion for swimwear fashion, I've made it my mission to share my expertise with fellow enthusiasts. Having spent years in the fashion industry as a designer and wholesaler in Montreal, Canada, I've honed my skills and now bring you Mango & Coast Patterns. My goal is simple: to offer easy step-by-step instructions for creating stunning swimwear pieces. From industry tricks to insider tips, I'm here to show you that sewing swimwear can be a breeze. Have questions or just want to say hello? Feel free to reach out through the contact form below – I'm always here to help!


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